My Celtic Art journey began when the cunning knots and spirals mystified my logical mind and I felt compelled to understand their construction. The beautiful forms hinted at secret knowledge and ancient wisdom from a time of myth & magic. Having practiced this art form for over 20 years I would say that it contains a key to our common ancestral wisdom and offers us clues to the cosmos both within and without. To understand the art form, to copy and recreate, is to gain insight into the hearts & minds of those that came before us and so get in touch with the ancestral spirit.

At the heart of Celtic art are a few simple techniques and a discipline of repetition. I’m convinced that it is the repetitive nature of the form that leads to an openness and deeper understanding.

By investigating both spirituality and philosophy of ancient cultures and then incorporating the synthetic understand into drawings I was further able to find vehicles for the Celtic patterns. For instance the flower of life as put forward by Drunvalo Melchizedek could well be the singular design behind Egyptian culture if not the universal itself. This motif features sometimes obviously, sometimes not, in the construction of many my designs.

Star-Struck-Man-1000-WSunflower-1000-WHeavenly Matrix-1000-W

Celtic World - A2 Print

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