Moon Diary 2024

Pages Turn With The Moon

The unique and special feature of this diary is the revolutionary way it’s laid out. The diary pages turn as the moon’s cycles change, and not the moon’s cycles being adapted to fit the traditional calendar as is normally done.

So each page of the diary begins with a new quarter moon cycle. This important change prioritises the moon’s energies and allows a symbolic connection to the moon as you plan events. It’s a small change with potentially big implications; without trying you start to be naturally in tune with the moon!


  • The pages turn as the moons phases change
  • Intuitive layout – Effortlessly stay in touch with the moon cycle
  • Maximum space for your text – Designed for practicality
  • Begins in October so you don’t have to wait till January!
  • Day, dates, weekends and months clearly shown
  • Integrates seamlessly with the modern calendar
  • Full and new moon zodiac sign
  • Major planetary alignments are shown
  • Eclipses, solstices, equinoxes
  • Lions gate and eclipse windows
  • Chinese new year and cross quarter sabbats

This is a must for anyone who wishes to make use of the Moon’s powerful energies” – Elizabeth T.


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Take a Peek Inside!

So Can I Use This as My Normal Diary?

Yes! Practicality is the number one priority for this diary, we want the diary to be used! All the days of the week, calendar dates, months, weekends and important festivals are marked with enough space to make notes, plan events or keep a journal. Plus the moons zodiac signs are shown along with major astrological events allowing you to make use of the character of the moon’s energies.

How to Use This Diary

The simple answer is just like you would any other diary, however you can use the energy of the moon to guide you when making plans.

If the moon is waxing consider putting plans into action, a time for outgoing activities when the moon’s energies can be harnessed sympathetically.

When you want to let go of things, release or reflect choose the waning moon. Be accepting of what your body is telling you. Work with reducing obstacles and letting go of self limiting beliefs.

The new moon is an excellent time for meditation and intention setting. A powerful time for working with whatever improves your health and overall renewal. Also excellent for beginning new projects or businesses ventures.

Allow time to celebrate and recognise your results. A powerful time to work on attraction rituals or magical work. Be what you what to see in the next phase.

Another way to add meaning to your diary entries is to take advantage of the character of the moon sign. For instance if the moon is in Aries this would make an excellent time for starting a project, whilst a Scorpio moon might make a great time for meeting a friend for an intense deep conversation.


Physical copies are available from the following shops. If you know of a shop near you that might be interesting in stocking the diary please let me know at

WildWood Glastonbury

18 High St, Glastonbury BA6 9DU. Facebook. Map

Fortune Faeries – Stroud

Fortune Faeries Shop 32 High Street GL5 1AJ Stroud. Facebook. Map

The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop – Tetbury and Nailsworth

21 Church St, Tetbury, and 17 Fountain Street, Nailsworth. GL8 8JG, GL6 0BL Tetbury Facebook. Map

Stow News Post Office – Stow-on-the-Wold

The Square, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cheltenham
GL54 1AB

Portland Bill Lighthouse – Portland

Portland Bill Road, Portland, United Kingdom Facebook. Map

Additional information

Weight 240 g

A5 Ring binding 14.8 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)


Printed on 160gm uncoated premium paper

2 reviews for Moon Diary 2024

  1. Caroline Anderson (verified owner)

    Order received today, packaged beautifully and highly delighted.
    Love the astrology tips and information as well as the art work.
    Love it!
    Many thanks 🙏

  2. Elizabeth Thomas (verified owner)

    This is a revolutionary diary. It is informative, practical and will enable me to be guided by the phases of the moon. I love the richness of the astrological knowledge combined with the beautiful and inspiring Celtic Art work contained within its pages. This is a must for anyone who wishes to make use of the Moon’s powerful energies. I cannot wait to use it. Thank you Michael and Beth for creating such a unique diary.

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