Tai Chi Yang Style Class

Relax – Meditate – Energize – Heal

Learn the Yang Style Tai Chi fundamental short form.

Beginner Welcome no previous experience necessary

Tuesday 7.30pm for 1 hour.

Beginners class teaching the fundamental section of the Yang short form via Zoom.

20 week course £7 per week.

Starts Tuesday 9th March 2021.


The 1st week is free. To sign up and try the class simply add the free class to the shopping cart and place the order and you’ll be emailed the details of the class.




For those that would like to know a little bit more about my background I’ve been learning and practicing Tai Chi for 25 years studying with Alec Jones who learnt from Richard Farmer who learnt from Dr Chi Chiang who learnt from Chen Man-Ch’ing.

Zoom software is free to use and available on PC, Mac, iOS & Android formats.


Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:


I’m based in the UK which is +0 UTC or GMT and the class is at 7.30pm UK time.

eg. if you live in Spain (+1 UTC) the class will be at 8.30pm local time

if you live in New York USA (-5 UTC) the class will be at 2.30pm local time.


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