Celtic Border Tutorial Video Download

2 Hour Video Download

Starting from first principles you’ll be shown how to make your own Celtic knotwork border. Once learnt you’ll be able to adapt the method to create borders in your own style and beautifully decorate pages with a Celtic design.



2hr Video Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn in this tutorial:

  • Create a classic Celtic border
  • Learn the Diamond Method of Celtic knotwork construction
  • Adapt the design to make your of designs

The workshop is suitable for all ages.


What you’ll need:

– A quiet space
– Pencil & Rubber and ink pens
– Paper
– Imagination!

“Yet another great workshop! Michael explains and demonstrates each part of the drawing! Celtic drawing explained in a very understandable way!” – Billy

“Great pace! Very enjoyable: fun and calming at the same time :). Interesting background information and helpful further tips. What a lovely afternoon!!” – Inga

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