Celtic Spiral Panel Tutorial Video Download

2 Hour Video Download

Starting from first principles you’ll be shown the easy to understand core method to create Celtic Spiral Panels. Once learnt you’ll be able to adapt the method to fill the shapes of your choice with spirals.



2hr Video Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn in this tutorial:

  • Create a classic Celtic Spiral Panel
  • Adapt the core method to fill different shapes
  • Learn a variety of styles to finish your designs

The workshop is suitable for all ages.

What you’ll need:

– A quiet space
– Pencil & Rubber and ink pens
– Paper
– Ruler and compass (optional)
– Imagination!

“This was a lovely workshop. I started Celtic designs about a year ago but could not master the spirals. The workshop was clear, easy to follow, and provided a great method to create spirals. I learned a great deal and am now working on improving my design and figuring out how to incorporate them into my work. Thanks so much for a fun workshop.” – Mary

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