Celtic Labyrinth Video Tutorial Download

This particular Celtic key pattern is so tantalisingly perfect it would seem easy to replicate but it doesn’t give its secrets away so easily! I’ll show you the key of how to unlock this pattern and then you’ll be able to easily adapt the design to any shape and finish with a variety of techniques. Mesmerise your friends with this unique beautiful pattern devised by the genius of the Celtic ancestors.



2hr Video Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn in this tutorial:

  • Create the basic Celtic labyrinth
  • Learn the core technique
  • Adapt the design to fit irregular shapes

The workshop is suitable for all ages.


What you’ll need:

– A quiet space
– Pencil & Rubber and ink pens
– Paper
– Ruler (optional)
– Imagination!

“The workshop was clear, easy to follow, and provided a great method” – Mary

“Michael’s style of teaching is very clear and understandable. His passion for the subject shines out as does his talent.” – Sue

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