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Tai Chi Biography

I’ve been studying Tai Chi as a regular discipline practising the Yang style of The Rising Dragon school since 1995. My teacher Alec Jones is a 3rd generation pupil of Chen Man-Ch’ing who was largely responsible for bringing Tai Chi to the west in the 1960’s. After 20 years of private practice it was time to begin teaching. To begin I held free daily classes without a break for 2 years to help during the difficulties faced by many during 2020-2022. My teaching style combines elements of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and shamanic movements and when possible locations that are imbued with sacred Earth energies. I’ve regularly taught Yang style Tai Chi online held in-person workshops at festivals and also started the Chi Gong Moon Club which comprises 3 days of Chi Gong practice every new and full moon. Find out more on instagram account @tai.chi.with.michael and forthcoming classes at www.michaeltingle.com

Celtic Art Biography

“My interest in Celtic art began 30 years ago with his exploration of megalithic sites of ancient Britain. From this came an investigation of the Celts and their complex art form which then led to the mysteries of earth energies; dowsing, the new age, crystals and angels. As a natural evolution I became the founder and co-organiser of the UK’s largest gatherings of faery folk with Karen Kay. Combining Celtic art the mystery of the earth energies and the flow of Tai Chi finds expression in my painting style.”


Important Links

My daily facebook class is here: https://www.facebook.com/taichiwithmichael/

The Chi Gong Moon Club: https://www.michaeltingle.com/product/chi-gong-moon-club/

Celtic Art classes: https://www.michaeltingle.com/product/learn-to-draw-celtic-art/