Chi Gong Moon Club

Status: Running

Next Class: May 7-8-9 New Moon in Taurus

Dedicated Chi Gong sessions every new and full moon.

Benefits of attending the Chi Gong classes:

  • Connect to your core
  • Go deep into muscle memory
  • Release stuck emotions
  • Deepen your roots
  • Calm the mind
  • Strengthen your mental focus
  • Find your natural inner balance
Classes are fine for beginners

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£25.00 / month

(7 customer reviews)


Tune into the moon, Tune into your own energies

Open, Relax, Rejuvenate

When you join the Chi Gong moon club you get 3 days of Chi Gong around every new and full moon. There will be 2 x 30 mins live sessions each day. A morning one at 8am and an evening one (time varies as this depends on the light). That’s 6 live sessions every new moon and 6 live sessions every full moon with bonus sessions on the exact times of the new and full moon when possible.

Another fantastic 3 days. Aside from the excellent tuition in Chi-Gong, Michael offers insights during the sessions that enlighten. I really recommend these sessions and the benefits that come from attending” -Samantha

I try to find beautiful inspirational locations to host the Chi Gong sessions. Here are a few previous examples:

You will be notified by email of the itinerary for each months classes and you’ll also be emailed approximately 1 hour before each class starts with the live link.

The sessions are via zoom and are recorded so you can catch up later if you can’t attend a live class.

International students welcome just make the appropriate time zone adjustment.

Class is held via zoom. This is a free app and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.

The class is based in the UK so all you need to is make the appropriate time zone adjustment for your country.

Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:

I’m based in the UK which is +0 UTC (we are in British Winter time now).

7 reviews for Chi Gong Moon Club

  1. Inga (verified owner)

    The Moon Club sessions are indeed very transformative! Challenging enough yet beginners-friendly. Step by step explanations, interesting theoretical input, deep insights delivered in a friendly cheerful way. Recordings are also available, which is a huge bonus. Thanks a lot!

  2. Lisa James (verified owner)

    I love being part of Michael’s Chi Gong
    Moon club. The sessions are all delivered with such positive and uplifting energy which leaves me feeling invigorated. Michael’s stories and nuggets of wisdom are always so interesting and a joy to hear. Michael finds the most beautiful locations to visit for the classes and I always look forward to where he will take us next!
    The moon club journey is highly recommended!

  3. Elizabeth Thomas (verified owner)

    The Chi Gong Moon Club provided a great opportunity to make a positive start to the New Year. As always, Michael provides clear instructions and shares many words of wisdom along the journey. I feel more balanced, rejuvenated and more resilient all because of these classes. Thank you so much.

  4. stacy olsen (verified owner)

    i am so loving the Chi Gong Moon Club! working with my own energy has been extraordinarily beneficial with setting New Moon intentions and releasing energies that do not serve me in the Full Moon cycle. i always feel more balanced and find way to clarity after having invested a morning with Michael’s Chi Gong sessions. highly recommend!!

  5. Jacqueline Brulotte (verified owner)

    I love Micheal Tingle’s Chi Gong classes. Doing the deep stance has change my life. Not only are my legs getting more tone, I feel more clam , clear, grounded, and I flow more with life. Micheal Tingle is a delightful teacher too! I very much appreciate the spiritual jewels and chi gong tips he speaks of naturally. I have learned so much! My favourite is practicing “smiling with the eyes”. Im still working on it, but it have help shift into joy, not ,after what is going on. It is a treat when he is able to teach at a sacred Celtic sites, and learn and connect with them too.
    Thank you Micheal Tingle!

  6. Alphedia Kenchington (verified owner)

    Michael’s new Chi Gong Moon club was great for integrating the moon shifts. Really helped stabilise the shifts and locations where he videoed from were very beautiful energy. Very much looking forward to the new moon class!

  7. Elizabeth Thomas (verified owner)

    Having completed the first sessions of the Chi Gong Moon Club, I can highly recommend joining. The three days have rejuvenated me and helped me release all my negativity. I feel much more grounded and energised. Michael’s excellent instruction, knowledge and wisdom is just incredible and I’m already looking forward to our next sessions.

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