Chi Gong Video Workouts From Cathar Country

Achievable 20 Minute Routines

These Chi Gong videos are designed to give you a good Chi Gong workout without being too overwhelming allowing you to easily weave them into your day. They are all 20 minutes and there are four to choose from:

  • Morning – Activating
  • Afternoon – Developmental
  • Evening – Intention setting
  • Healing – Restorative

Each video workout has a general theme and the exercises and the running order have been tailored for each workout however these are guides and in essence all the exercises can be practiced at any time. If you’ve never tried Chi Gong before or you wish to have a video routine that you can practice with regularly then these video workouts are ideal.

“My first time trying Qi Gong, and have never done Tai Chi either and really was great for a beginner” – Martine B.

All the videos are designed to be joined in with. All you need do is press play and then synchronise your movements with those on screen. They all have vocal guidance explaining the details of each exercise with gentle music in the background.  They are beginner friendly, no previous Chi Gong experience is necessary.

“I feel much more calm and relaxed! It was easy to follow the movements, after a couple of times! I really liked the landscapes, really inspiring! And the calmness of your voice is very helpful! Thanks so much Michael! 🥰🙏☯️” – Inês G.

Cathar Country

All of the videos are set in the Aude region of the South of France places made famous by the stories of the Cathars. They are sacred sites and have a strong energy with a powerful healing divine feminine connection. You may find that the locations add an extra dimension to your practise. After a few repetitions of each exercise you’ll notice that the background magically changes to a new location helping to keep your attention on your workout.



Cathar Country Chi Gong Workouts

Sample Morning Workout

Morning Chi Gong – A Great Way to Start Your Day

This Chi Gong workout is designed to get you started in the morning leaving you energised, clear and ready for your day. The workout consists of the following exercises:

  • Yang Breathing – Excellent all round Chi Gong exercise
  • Giant Tai Chi Circles – Fantastic at energising and claiming your space
  • Opening The Flow – Great to increase well being and relaxing the Tan Tien (Belly)
  • The Water Exercise – Deepen your core, strengthen your roots
  • The Balance Exercise – Bring yourself back into balance


Sample Afternoon Workout

Afternoon Chi Gong – An All Round Chi Workout

This Chi Gong workout has a wide variety of exercises from deepening, clearing, refinement and meditation. A good all round Chi Gong workout. The workout consists of the following exercises:

  • The Water Exercise – Sink your core and boost your well being
  • Helping to Release Anger – Cleansing the energy body of negative emotions
  • Red Dragon Nei Gong – Cycling and transforming the Chi from root to crown
  • Waving Hands in Clouds – A classic Tai Chi exercise creating a deep meditation
  • The Balance Exercise – Finding contentment in the moment


Sample Evening Workout

Evening Chi Gong – Relaxing and Clearing

This Chi Gong workout is great for the evening when you’re winding down for the day. Relaxing and yet there’s also the opportunity to create a clearing intension before sleep allowing the body to process difficult energies overnight. The workout consists of the following exercises:

  • Merging Heaven and Earth – Become the alchemist between worlds storing Chi in the Tan Tien
  • Five Element Chi Gong – 5 exercises in one. Each element has its own stand alone movement
  • As Above so Below – Learn to attract and repel like a magnet
  • Diagonal Clearing From the Chest – Great for setting intensions deep into the fibre of your being
  • The Balance Exercise – The place we come back to, always


Sample Healing Workout

Healing Chi Gong – Cleansing Negative Energies

This Chi Gong workout features exercises that specifically work on the subtle body with movements, colours and sounds all helping to clear the body of negative energies. The exercises are a balance of deepening, cleansing and relaxation. The workout consists of the following exercises:

  • The Water Exercise – Discover what it feels like to truly let go and feel safe
  • Five Element Chi Gong with Healing Sounds – Each of the 5 elements corresponds to organs in the body that can store negative energy which certain sounds, colours and movements help to clear
  • Opening the Flow – Take a moment to relax and let go with the healing power of flowing
  • The Balance Exercise – So simple once leant you can perform this almost anywhere to restore your inner and out balance


“This course really did me so much good, I feel so much better, happier, more peaceful, calmer and ‘in the flow'” – Patsy S.

*Musical compositions composed by M.Tingle on location in the South of France

* * *

Locations For The Chi Gong Workouts

Rennes le Chateau
Château de Puilaurens
Chateau de Montsegur
Rennes les Bains

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