Solstice Standing Chi Gong Meditation

JUNE 20-21-22

During the summer solstice join me for a 3 days of standing chi gong from special sacred sites in Cornwall!
  • Connect to your core
  • Release old blocks
  • Feel empowered
  • Build your Chi battery
  • Find inner peace
  • 2 x 40 mins sessions daily



3 days, morning and evening sessions of 40 mins each. 8am and 9pm UK time. International students welcome.

Each session is recorded so you can catch up later.

Class is held via zoom. This is a free app and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.

The Standing Chi Gong Meditation is open to international students. The class is based in the UK so all you need to is make the appropriate time zone adjustment for your country.

Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:

I’m based in the UK which is +1 UTC (we are in British Summer time) and the classes are at 8am & 9pm UK time.

eg. if you live in Spain (+2 UTC) the class will be at 9am & 10pm local time

if you live in New York USA (-5 UTC) the class will be at 3am & 4pm local time.

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