Chi Gong Meditation

Chi Gong for the Full Moon in Aries Sept 28-29-30

3 days of live online Chi Gong classes

With 2 x 30 min classes per day focusing on meditation, energising and energy clearing. Each session is recorded so you can catch up later if necessary

  • Connect to your core
  • Go deep into muscle memory releasing stuck emotions
  • Deepen your roots
  • Calm the mind
  • Strengthen your mental focus
  • Find your natural inner balance


(8 customer reviews)


If you’d like to attend regular classes you might be interested in the Chi Gong Moon club. Chi Gong Moon members attend the same meditation class but there is a discount for being member. Details here:

Michael is an excellent teacher who inspires and motivates you gently to push at your limits. However, I never felt under any pressure to go beyond my capabilities.” -Elizabeth

The classes are open to beginners with the sessions gently building your core strength. You get to adjust how deep depending on how you feel each session.

I try to find beautiful inspirational locations to host the Chi Gong sessions. Here are a few previous examples:

2 classes per day, morning and evening of 30 mins each. Times vary according to the season.

International students welcome.

Class is held via zoom. This is a free app and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.

The Standing Chi Gong Meditation is open to international students. The class is based in the UK so all you need to is make the appropriate time zone adjustment for your country.

Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:

I’m based in the UK which is +0 UTC.

8 reviews for Chi Gong Meditation

  1. Samantha Mary Cooper (verified owner)

    Another fantastic 3 days. Aside from the excellent tuition in Chi-Gong, Michael offers insights during the sessions that enlighten. I really recommend these sessions and the benefits that come from attending. I know I am now very keen to explore Tai Chi as a supplement to my normal Yoga practice and will certainly be doing more Chi-Gong moon sessions with Michael.

  2. Verona (verified owner)

    Michael’s generous spirit & positive mindset
    Makes increasing my Core Strength achievable with these Ancient Practices…
    Throughly enjoyed much gratitude 🌻

  3. Samantha Mary Cooper (verified owner)

    3 day course just completed (Equinox and new Moon) – I was interested in chi-gong as this is something a dear friend practices. This slow movement really fascinated me and I will be incorporating it into my life. This has been particularly helpful during an incredibly stressful and toxic separation/divorce – staying grounded and balanced is hard at the best of times, practicing this along with my usual yoga has been extra helpful. thank you Michael – hope to join more of your sessions.

  4. Verona (verified owner)

    Feeling grounded and focused after exploring the edge of my inner strength expanding my resilience … much gratitude Michael☀️🤗 …Couldn’t have imagined such beauty 😍and especially felt the earths energy during our Deep Stances 🌲🌀soo very vibrant green 💚countryside, I loved the sacred buildings and bridges made perfectly of rock so much history and body water your energy enchanting as was the group ⚡️enjoyed 🕊🌙🦁☯️☮️💖

  5. Lisa James (verified owner)

    This was an amazing 3 day course connecting with the new moon energy. I thoroughly enjoy all of Michael’s classes as he explains everything so well and expertly.
    I have really started to connect with my energy flow over the 9 sessions and feel more toned in both body and mind.
    I thoroughly recommend Michael’s classes to anyone interested in exploring the wonderful world of tai chi 🙏

  6. Elizabeth Thomas (verified owner)

    The Deep Stance Chi Gong course was amazing and challenging for me. Michael is an excellent teacher who inspires and motivates you gently to push at your limits. However, I never felt under any pressure to go beyond my capabilities. His encouragement, wisdom and knowledge are incredible, and I will certainly be joining other classes Michael runs. Thank you, Michael.

  7. Verona (verified owner)

    Connected with my core through deep stances and deep breathing attending Michael Tingles weekend zoom New Moon Workshop I immersed myself into nature feeling connection rooted to the earth while feeling the lightness and energy of the heavenly wonders circulating through me … felt myself letting go making room to set new intentions this intensive muscle challenging three times a day guided self healing journey highly recommend Michael 🌟very enjoyable weekend and thanks for the groups wonderful energy also ☯️💖☮️ Thankyou Michael much Gratitude 🌻

  8. Esther Smith (verified owner)

    Doing this 3 day course, was a really uplifting experience. I’ve never done Tai Chi before, but it really felt enlightening. Michael has helped set me on a new path, which I hope to grow with and transcend further with the inner peace it brings.

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