Learn to draw Celtic Zoomorphic Letters

Sunday 2nd April 3pm – 2 Hours

This Sunday learn to draw a Celtic zoomorphic letter with internal knots! Take the diamond method of construction and style it into the letter of your choice. Featuring a Celtic beast and internal knots.


Celtic art is the indigenous art form of the British Isles and has a simple method of construction, once you know how! By repeating the designs of the ancestors we can learn about the their nature and so become a little more Celtic ourselves!  🙂

The workshop is open to international students and is suitable for all ages. Beginner friendly 🙂

I have so enjoyed taking Michael’s Celtic art classes over the past few years. He has so much knowledge and enthusiasm.” – Janis

“The workshop was great. Michael takes you step by step into creative world. He gives you amazing artistic variations and suggestions. I enjoyed, learned and been inspired from the workshop” – Mona


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What you’ll need:

  • A computer or mobile phone with the zoom app (free)
  • Paper, pencil, rubber, ink pen, ruler
  • Imagination

Zoom software is free to use and available on PC, Mac, iOS & Android formats.


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I’m based in the UK which is in GMT +1 UTC and the class is at 3pm UK time.


25 reviews for Learn to draw Celtic Zoomorphic Letters

  1. Mary (verified owner)

    I’m glad I attended this workshop. I so appreciated that not only did Michael teach how to draw Brigid’s Cross, but he also demonstrated how to use the techniques to create other designs. The tips on utilizing break lines and variations were especially helpful.

  2. Janis (verified owner)

    I have so enjoyed taking Michael’s celtic art classes over the past few years. He has so much knowledge and enthusiasm.With his clear instruction embued with often a touch of whimsy, celtic art design are magically drawn by all participants! Its very meditative and brings to mind the monks and ancient artists who worked with these ancient designs. I am an artist and potter and I use the designs I created in the classes in my porcelain work by relief printing them into the clay and then painting into them. Its also great for drawing skills and concentration attunment which has helped fuel my re-engagement with drawing!

  3. Mona (verified owner)

    The workshop was great. Michael takes you step by step into creative world. He gives you amazing artistic variations and suggestions. I enjoyed, learned and been inspired from the workshop

  4. Mary Moriarty (verified owner)

    This was a lovely workshop. I started celtic designs about a year ago but could not master the spirals. The workshop was clear, easy to follow, and provided a great method to create spirals. I learned a great deal and am now working on improving my design and figuring out how to incorporate them into my work. Thanks so much for a fun workshop.

  5. Billy (verified owner)

    Yet another great workshop! Michael explains and demonstrates each part of the drawing! Celtic drawing explained in a very understandable way!

  6. Inga (verified owner)

    Yet another wonderful afternoon class! Celtic tree of life was challenging yet very satisfying! The instructions were very clear, all the steps built up on the previous ones. The recording of the class is very helpful as well – working on the drawing keeps you busy for quite a while and is very meditative. Highly recommended!

  7. Deirdre Barr (verified owner)

    Great instructions and really felt accomplished with my drawing at the end from a complete beginner. Michael leads the class at the right pace and offers a lot in the 2.5 hours he spent with us.

  8. Inga (verified owner)

    Great pace! Very enjoyable: fun and calming at the same time :). Interesting background information and helpful further tips. What a lovely afternoon!!

  9. Deborah Thorne (verified owner)

    A wonderful afternoon with Michael drawing Celtic zoomorphic birds, to the backdrop of St Michael’s Mount!
    His demonstration is very clear and well paced even for a beginner, although I am looking forward to the replay to improve my bird number 2! His conversation sheds much light on the background to the amazing Celtic artwork and it was incredible to see the birds appear so magically from the page! Very much looking forward to doing the Celtic mandala workshop when it comes around again. With much gratitude.

  10. Elizabeth Thomas (verified owner)

    An amazing session. Michael has such a gentle way of leading you through the curves and flow of the mandala so it is easy to achieve . Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing. I thoroughly recommend this workshop. Thank you Michael.

  11. wendy hanson (verified owner)

    celtic art key patterns. beginers. Great two hours . Really enjoying something new, forgetting everything around me just focusing on the drawing. Fabulous afternoon. Thank you.

  12. Verona (verified owner)

    Beginner! Really enjoyed following along ,was great to go back to the recording and have another go also…time flys by creating with Michael thanks very much sharing your talents 🌟

  13. Danushia Kaczmarek (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with Michael. Great value! He gives so much more than the package offered. Another addition for my expression in art and connection to my inner Celtic.

  14. Kerry-Leigh Grainger-Hurst (verified owner)

    Basic and advanced Celtic spirals workshop – two more great workshops. The pace is really great to watch, listen and do as Michael moves along the tutorial. You are creating and learning from start to finish and I enjoy hearing the background to shapes and patterns etc. Thank you for another interesting and creative lesson.

  15. Kez Grainger-Hurst (verified owner)

    The advanced Celtic knot drawing class was another nicely paced couple of hours, allowing me to watch and draw at the same time. The pace was good, steady and the time was filled and passed quickly. More inspiring creation and so pleased at being able to complete each piece giving me more confidence to keep playing and creating on my own. Thanks once again Michael for another great tutorial.

  16. Sue Cowie (verified owner)

    I loved these classes and have not only learned new skills (I was a total beginner) but also been really inspired to create my own designs. Michael’s style of teaching is very clear and understandable. His passion for the subject shines out as does his talent. I will look forward to future classes.

  17. Christine Kimber (verified owner)

    Micheal quietly and calmly demonstrates some really complicated looking knotwork in the advanced class and even though I didn’t manage to keep up I now feel confident to be able to replicate the techniques in my own time ..I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. I don’t consider myself very artistic and yet Michael made it accessible and possible even for me

  18. Angela Maya Campbell (verified owner)

    Fantastic workshop! Michael teaches in a way that is very clear and easy to follow. I was very surprised at myself, how much I was able to do. Thanks Michael, looking forward to doing more.

  19. Sue Cowie (verified owner)

    I loved this workshop! I was amazed how much was achieved in the time allowed. The teaching style was very clear land easy to understand. I will look forward to doing the next workshop.

  20. Melanie (verified owner)

    Never participated in an online workshop before but this was a really easy-going lesson, clearly explained and well paced. Have always been mesmerised by knotwork but never had a clue where to start until now – this was very easy to follow and I’m really looking forward to putting this method into practice. Huge thanks and hope to join more lessons in future!

  21. Andy

    A great fun workshop, and even more so to be doing it with other people via Zoom. Looking forward to more classes!

  22. Patsy

    The best 90 minutes I have spent learning a new practical skill in a long time. It was so easy to follow Michael’s instructions- verbal and visual- and great to see the knots gracefully take form from a simple grid of diamonds and dots. It was so satisfying to come away from the class with 2 designs and enough knowledge to start creating my own designs. (I have in fact just spent the whole evening doing just that Lol. )Very much looking forward to future classes, learning more. With gratitude to you, Michael.

  23. Victoria (verified owner)

    A very enjoyable workshop which gave great foundations to work with the diamond method and the inspiration to continue creating more intricate knotwork. I shall be knotting away at it all night! Really looking forward to the more advanced class. Thank you Michael!

  24. Kez Grainger-Hurst (verified owner)

    Thank you Michael for this class. It was at a nice pace to follow and create at the same time and I impressed myself being able to create the last piece which has fuelled the want to create more. Look forward to joining you again.

  25. Anička Senior (verified owner)

    This was a fantastic workshop. I came out of it having drawn my first knot work design, and equipped with a simple formula to draw more designs with. It was amazing so much could be accomplished in just an hour and a half without any of it feeling overwhelming.

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