Celtic Tree of Wonder - To Colour in

Treat yourself to an epic colouring in project!

Colour in the Celtic Tree of Life. Select from full A2 size or half size A3. Excellent for relaxation and mindfullness.

Suitable for colouring pencils, feltips, watercolur paints and acrylics.

Add 36 watercolour pencils as an optional extra





Add the 36 piece water colour pencil set

Artist Grade Watercolour Pencils Set of 36 Colouring Pencils – EXTRA Wool Canvas Wrap, Watercolour Brush, and Pencil Sharpener INCLUDED FREE for a FULL 39 Piece Kit

Watercolour pencils are magically transformative. Bring bright, vibrant colours with soft tones using wet paper, or create rich, smooth, textured lines by wetting the pencil first.

Add a greater vibrant and depth of colour and layering by applying a little dash of water to your paper, or wet the pencil first then draw for intense colour tones that colour on smoothly.

– Beautifully crafted, easily blended, and brilliantly coloured, this Watercolour Colouring Pencil Set is a well round, well-crafted Artist Pencil series fit for all skill levels.
– Wet or Dry: Apply our Watercolouring Pencils to both Wet and Dry Mediums.
– Watercolour Capable, Soft Leads create a velvet colour laydown for Superior Blending and Shading.
– Rich Quality Colour Pigments means intense colours in each watercolour pencil with thick Soft Cores.


– 36 Pieces Dry Colouring Pencils
– 1 Piece Pencil Canvas Wrap
– 1 Piece Watercolour Brush
– 1 Piece Pencil Sharpener