Ultimate Zen Meditation Music – Mp3 Download

This music is perfect for creating and holding a space. Put it on in the background while you do other things, play in a room to clear energies or have as the perfect music while you do yoga, meditate or Tai Chi.

This music is consistent and yet subtly changing all the time. It doesn’t dominate allowing you to concentrate on other things.

Reduces stress, made for relaxation health and well being. Great for:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Relaxation
  • Creating a clear space
  • Holding a space
  • Background music while you create or tidy
  • Play while sleeping



This music was created at the Hurlers stone circles on the Michael Mary ley lines in Great Britain. It is composed in 432hz.

Track length: 30 mins and 60 mins versions

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Available for immediate automatic download, MP3 320kbps stereo