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Solfeggio Frequencies used in The Wonder:
The frequencies used in the album and their properties as explained by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz & Dr. Joseph S. Puleo
Undoing situations and facilitating change – RE – 417 Hz
Transformation and miracles (DNA Repair) – MI – 528 Hz
Connecting/ Relationships – FA – 639 Hz
Awakening intuition – SOL – 741 Hz
Returning to spiritual order – LA – 852 Hz

Location for the Recording, Arranging and Mixing of the Album:
While investigating the nature of the solfeggio tones in creating the music special attention was also given to the place the recordings were made. Thanks to the natural recording studio‘s ability to make professional quality audio recordings from inside the mobile studio van it was possible to record at locations on or near prominent ley lines. Locations in the south west of Cornwall were chosen for their uniquely beautiful, ancient and mythic qualities. Places such as Trencrom in Penwith on the Apollo Athena ley line, the Hurlers on south Bodmin moor and St Michael’s Mount opposite Marazion are both at an intersection of the Michael & Mary ley line. More information on the Michael & Mary, Apollo & Athena ley lines can be found in the works of Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst amongst others. It was hoped that by combining these unique frequencies at sacred sites a special creative force could be harnessed.

The Sonic Palette:
Something close to our hearts was the idea of a naturalistic acoustic sound and to have a coherent feel to the entire album. A core set of instruments included acoustic guitar, bass, drum kit and cello. Extra flavours come from percussion, synths, mandolin & the sounds of nature herself. Each track begins with the tuning fork frequency and can be heard if you listen closely at any point in the track, this helps to root the tone and underpin its energy throughout the piece.

We were helped along the way by some friendly souls who responded to our sonic sound quest. A heart felt thank you to Martine Burrell who so beautifully played her cello and gave her time so selflessly. Andy Mason for injecting extra groove from his extensive percussion emporium. And lastly to Thelma Stanford who’s artwork features on the cover of the album and sums up the spirit of the project so perfectly. And lastly to the May birds of Bushy Combe, Glastonbury.

Nick Reilly guitar, mandolin. Michael Tingle bass, drum programming. Martine Burrell cello. Andy Mason percussion.

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