5 Day Chi Gong and Chi Circulation Challenge

Perfectly complements and deepens your Tai Chi or Chi Gong class.


Pay for 5 Day Chi Activation & Clearing class.



Starting Monday 13th July. 2 x 20 mins classes each day for 5 days

8am Morning Chi Gong Class for 20 mins

  • Clear stale, stagnant energy
  • Help to clear anxiety
  • Purge the body of fear
  • Revitalise and energise
  • Start the day clear & refreshed
  • Suitable for beginners


8pm Evening Chi Circulation Class for 20 mins

  • Active the inner meridians
  • Learn to circulate Chi
  • Cleanse and clear subtle channels
  • Feel revitalised and connected
  • Discover new levels of awareness
  • Take your Chi Gong practice to the next level


Class is held via zoom. This is free and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.