The oracle cards that visually show you the answer
  • The cards magically connect to each other like a living jigsaw puzzle creating a simple story map that you read like a book.
  • Create unlimited layouts intuitively expanding the network of cards as you feel your way into the reading.
  • Read the cards as often as you wish for yourself or others to help with everyday issues or profound questions.

“This oracle deck is personal, it’s for you and it is on your side!” – Michael

All too often oracles give pithy negative energy results that can leave you feeling drained. Not with the Michael oracle cards! They are on your side and are there to help you 🙂 There are no ‘bad’ cards that take the wind out of your sails should you draw them. The cards are there to give you the advice you need to hear, connecting to your subconscious, intuition, guides or higher power.

Each card serves the purpose of giving description and detail for your reading creating a network of cards that you simply read like a story.

The Magic of Connection

The cards can be read individually however the reading really comes alive when cards connect to each other. You will soon see that sometimes cards laid next to each other make a visual connection creating a pair and their meanings are to be combined. And it doesn’t stop there, the cards above and below can also be connected creating longer chains giving increasing detail and nuance to your reading.

50 Cards – Limitless Connections

There are numerous situations in life from the mundane to deeply philosophical and to represent this 50 cards with distinct characteristics have been created. Each card has suggested meanings but the image also gives you a strong feeling or intuitive knowing which gathers density of meaning over time. To build a personal connection with the images is absolutely encouraged and over time they become your cards., and when they speak to you through the connections a vast array of delicate and precise meanings can effortlessly unfold…

Gold Gold Gold

To celebrate the birth of the oracle there will be an initial run of limited edition decks with a unique gold foil design.

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