5 Day Chi Gong Challenge

5 Days of Chi Gong 5 Element Deep Stance Challenge!

Revitalise and energise your life with the Chi Gong challenge that gets right to the core for a great energy workout for the week. See benefits for your health, energy levels, creativity and peace of mind. Feel good inside your body and bring that inner calm into your daily activities.


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8am for 30 mins and 9pm for 30 mins daily (UK time)

This deep stance Chi Gong workout is designed to give you a core workout.

  • Build your metal
  • Work on your Core
  • Feel inner peace
  • Release stress
  • Focus your mind
  • Deepen your root
  • Learn the 5 Element Chi Gung Form
  • Start the day clear & refreshed
  • Suitable for beginners

Each session is recorded so if for some reason you can’t make a live class you can catch up in your own time.

Class is held via zoom. This is a free app and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.


The Chi Gung Challenge is open to international students. The class is based in the UK so all you need to is make the appropriate time zone adjustment for your country.

Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:


I’m based in the UK which is +1 UTC (we are in British Summer time) and the classes are at 8am & 9pm UK time.

eg. if you live in Spain (+2 UTC) the class will be at 9am & 10pm local time

if you live in New York USA (-5 UTC) the class will be at 3am & 4pm local time.

7 reviews for 5 Day Chi Gong Challenge

  1. Verona (verified owner)

    Thanks very much Michael Tingle for your 5 day Chi Gung Challenge releasing grief and anger I noticed day 3/4 body released emotions
    Was enjoyable experience … so give yourself a treat and join in on a challenge 👍

  2. Alphedia Kenchington (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed the latest 5 day chi gong challenge with Michael on anger and grief. I also have taken part in the yang style form classes which are weekly and the 5 elements chi gong class series. Would highly recommend them all as well as the facebook live mornings ones too! I have done tai chi weekly for years but finding the daily practice very beneficial

  3. Lyndsay Watson

    I’m beginning to start with the free online Facebook sessions
    I’ve only done these sessions as little as 10 days and all ready had a massive difference which only took 1session
    I’m now obsessed with Tai chi and will continue to do Tai chi for the rest of my life here on earth
    I found these free sessions having s massive impact on my life from the word go
    I thank Mike Tingle for opening up a great new out look with my whole life in all areas
    Love n light 🌈

  4. Manon (verified owner)

    I greatly enjoyed the Chi Gung challenge and to my own amazement even managed to join on almost all days in spite of the timezone difference and it being one of the busiest weeks work-wise. Starting and ending your day with a moving meditation practice indeed supports with staying grounded, in the moment and to take life’s challenges more easy and looking at them from a higher perspective. Michael very clearly explains the postures and also gives a lot of very interesting background information on working with energy. I’m looking very much forward to the next round as well as the tai chi classes.

  5. Lisa James (verified owner)

    I have just completed the 5 day Chi Gong challenge, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I discovered Michael’s 5 minute live sessions on Facebook last summer and have been hooked ever since! The 5 day morning sessions have really helped me to start the day off invigorated with a positive mindset and the evening sessions help me to calm and relax my mind after any challenges from the day. I have never slept so well since practicing regularly. Michael explains things in a way that is easy to relate to with lots of facts and background info about the subject of tai chi and the flow of the energy the which I find fascinating.
    I highly recommend all of the classes and Michael’s Facebook live sessions.

  6. Shirley Swinchatt (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed the 5 day challenge and catching your lives classes in the morning. I am already feeling the benefit of the Chi energy and experienced some clearing. It starts me up for the day by calming my mind and the evening helps me relax and sleep well. I love all the information you give us during your lives and on the challenge it’s so interesting. I have found the duration of your classes spot on and have been able to make time for them in my day. Thank you Michael I would definitely recommend you to all.

  7. maricia (verified owner)

    Thank you for the 5 day challenge, thoroughly enjoyed it ! So informative and the sessions really make you feel revitalised. I noticed the ball of energy was so strong by Wednesday , a wonderful feeling .
    I have been sending distance reiki to friends and family and I found the energy much more powerful and whilst on a woodland walk explaining to a friend felt it strongly again . Thank you Michael so much and I highly recommend to all !

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