Chi Gong Challenge Video

20 minute Chi Gong program.

  • Clear stale, stagnant energy
  • Help to clear anxiety
  • Purge the body of fear
  • Revitalise and energise
  • Start the day clear & refreshed
  • Suitable for beginners




  • Wrapping the dragon around the tree
  • All over body warm up
  • Thymus and adrenal gland awakening
  • 5 Element form
  • 4 directional Yang energy clearing exercise
  • Standing Chi Gong mother posture
  • Balance exercise

Which voice over explaining each exercise in detail with beautiful harmonious backing chimes and gentle waterfall. Ideal to join in and follow for a 20 minute Chi Gong workout plus a warm up and warm down.

Total Chi Gong running time: 20 mins + 3 mins warmup and warm down.

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