Cathar Castle Chi Gong Experience

5 Days of Online Chi Gong from the Heart of Cathar Country

Join me for the Cathar Castle Chi Gong experience! I’m heading to the heart of Cathar country in the region of the Aude. I’ll be seeking out magical locations to do Chi Gong and will be sharing these online sessions via zoom.

Starting on Monday 13th November there will be 5 days of Chi Gong each session will be 1 hour live each day. Each day will be from a different sacred site from the mystical Aude region of France home to the old religion of the Cathars and the mystical teachings of Mary Magdelene.

Relax and feel the peace power and mystery with Chi Gong

Some of the places I’ll be visiting:

* Carcassonne
* Queribus
* Montsegur
* Rennes-le-Chateau
* Rennes-le-Bain

All of these locations are imbued with powerful energies and are ideal places to practice the ancient art of Chi Gong. Classes are fine for beginners. All classes are recorded and can be watched later. If you live in a different time zone simply make the appropriate time zone adjustment.

I thoroughly enjoy all of Michael’s classes as he explains everything so well and expertly.” – Lisa J.

Benefits of Chi Gong

  • Connect to your core
  • Go deep into muscle memory
  • Release stuck emotions
  • Deepen your roots
  • Calm the mind
  • Strengthen your mental focus
  • Find your natural inner balance

All excercises are fine for beginners



Itinerary * French times

  • Monday 13th November – 1 hour live class – 12 noon (New Moon 10.27am)
  • Tuesday 14th November – 1 hour live class – 12 noon
  • Wednesday 15th November – 1 hour live class – 12 noon
  • Thursday 16th November – 1 hour live class – 12 noon
  • Friday 17th November – 1 hour live class – 12 noon

All classes are recorded.

Rennes le Chateau
Château de Quéribus
Chateau de Montsegur
Rennes les Bains

* * *

Time Zone checker

Check what time the class is in your area using this link:

I’ll be based in France time which is +1 UTC.

Class is held via zoom. This is a free app and is available on mobiles, tablets and PC’s.


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