Avebury in-person Chi Gong Workshop

*Special Event at the Henge Shop*

I’ve booked the Henge Shop’s workshop space on:

  • Thursday 17th March – 5pm
  • Friday 18th March – 5pm
  • Saturday 19th March – 6pm

If you’d like to join me for a 45 min in-person Chi Gong session from within Avebury Stone circle the price is £10 per session.  Email info@michaeltingle.com if you’d like to come so I can get an idea of numbers. Pay on the day. Suitable for beginners.

Please note the online Chi Gong session and the in-person Avebury workshop Chi Gong are separate events. You don’t need to book the online session to attend the Avebury in-person workshop. The in-person workshop will be broadcast to the online attendees, in-person participants do not appear on camera.

Avebury Online Chi Gong Class

If you can’t make the in-person workshop at the Henge Shop you might be interested in the online event. The workshop is also available to attend online. Visit here for more details: https://www.michaeltingle.com/product/standing-chi-gong-meditation/

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