Art Bio

me-by-peteMy art journey began with Celtic Art, the cunning knots, spiral and key panels mystified and defied the logical mind as to their construction. The beautiful forms hinted at secret knowledge and ancient wisdom from a time of myth & magic. Many people over look the ancient cultural art form inherited by virtue of being born with British or European blood, but it is true to say this art form contains a key to our common ancestral wisdom and offers us clues to our own inner being and the cosmos around us. To understand the art form, to copy and recreate it, is to glean insight into the hearts & minds of the people that made it and so get in touch with the ancestral spirit.

Once I had grasped the basic methods of construction, knotwork, spirals, key patterns and zoomorphics I went on to explore and extrapolate on the themes and develop a style of my own. At the heart of Celtic art are a few simple techniques and a discipline of repetition. I’m convinced that it is the repetitive nature of the form that leads to insights into the ancestral wisdom.

Quantum Leap-1000-WStar-Struck-Man-1000-WHeavenly Matrix-1000-WThe Spirit of Perfection-1000-W

Celtic World - A2 Print


Limited edition prints are available of ‘Celtic World’, click here for more details.

I’ve written my own instructions for Celtic Knotwork construction, you can download it here